Free Scan to Fix PC Error

HowTo Install the Download – Steps

If having trouble downloading this software or if it takes more than 10 seconds to start the download then click here

You will immediately see a Dialog box with the Title “Opening ….”. Click on the Save File button to initialize the download. To manually start the Applications Download, Click “Save File” button which is in the Dialog Box to start the download. Give the Location to save the file on your PC and it will takes 1 or 2 minutes to download.

Once the File is downloaded Completely, Open that file location and execute the Downloaded file to start the Setup Installation Wizard. Click Next and follow simple steps one by one to Successfully install the application on your computer. At the end click on Finish Button to close the wizard.

You are almost done! You can see a desktop icon is present on your screen with the name PC Health Advisor. When you are ready, double click it to start the program and scan your computer for errors and their fix within minutes.

The PC Health Advisor icon is on your Desktop Scan and optimize your PC!

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